7 Binge Killers

Rough Draft Start

The 7 Binge Buster List I promised

(I will always try to give you more than I promise.)


There are lots tired, tried, and true ideas out there about how not to binge like: take a bath, take a walk, knit, scream at your kids, etc. My little list is a bunch of thingsthat aren’t the usual generic binge stopper suggestions, BUT THEY HAVE WORKED FOR ME!

Before, During or After a Binge, I have used these little tricks.

  1. If you feel a binge coming on or during a binge, put on tight jeans or slacks—Do not allow yourself to wear sweat pants or jammies that allow denial. Tight clothes make you aware of the feel of your body against the fabric. It just isn’t as much fun to eat a lot in tight duds.


  1. Get enough sleep—this IS on other lists, but I would add having a glass of milk before you try to sleep can help.


  1. Drink grapefruit Juice. This little trick has stopped me from starting a binge many a time. It is the acidy feeling I get in my stomach that doesn’t seem to want to be joined by cookies or fudge.  Also, in the midst of a grand mal binge, grapefruit has stopped me.  Likewise even after I was pretty much under control, you know when you know you still want only carbs and fat, that acidy grapefruit juice is a binge stopper.


  1. Mentos peppermint gum. There is something magic about peppermint for me. I swear the Mento peppermint gum is great for staving off hunger.


  1. Suck on some peppermint hard candy.


  1. Brush your teeth. You know the taste of many yummy food are not so yummy if you have the taste of toothpaste in your mouth.


  1. This one is hard to do because in the midst of a full blown binge you are in an altered state of thinking, but if you can get yourself to write everything down—descriptively that you have eaten since this fat attack started, it can help bring you back to your senses. If you are really strong you can write the calories you have consumed also. Stare at the paper for a bit.


  1. When the binge is over GRADUALLY get off the carb and fat wagon. Don’t fast do or take any other extremely restrictive actions.   If you are like me, you feel icky. That first day or two (usually a Monday and Tuesday?) GRADUALLY come off the carbs—do not starve yourself or make other extremely austere actions.  Deprivation t is self -abuse also.  By Wednesday, those salads don’t look so repugnant and the chocolate kisses don’t look so enticing.


  1. Stop, yell at yourself a bit, maybe even cry a bit


  1. Then forgive yourself.


  1. Then, make a goal sheet with activities and dates.Don’t write down what you will lose by a certain date. Just make behavorial goals under your control.


  1. move on.


This is just a quick list. I will have tons of help in my blog and there is, of course, the entire 4-step approach to losing and keeping it off in my book: Judy’s DietGlue. See: http://www.judypayne.com