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The Purpose of this blog:
To teach yo-yo women dieters how to STICK to any sensible weight loss or weight maintenance plan(s) they choose.
To share proven ways to organize your head, heart, and hectic life for PERMANENT weight maintenance AND peace with food.
To be informative, motivational, supportive, and kind of fun to hang out with.
If you wish, every Monday morning I will give you a quick little kick in the pants, or a smile, or some food for thought. Just sign up (top right) and I will send you a Monday Morning Motivational Message and a link to new blog posts. (Of course, all of this and my
blog will always be FREE, and I will never, ever give your email address to anyone else.)
The first 3 blog posts involve you just reading, but I think it is important for you to get an overview of what you can hope to finally accomplish by hanging out with me on my blog. read more