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Judy's DietGlue Should Be The Esssential Companion Book To Any Sensible Weight Control Book Or Plan. Judy’s DietGlue Will Teach You A 4-Step Approach To Rethinking, Organizing And Prioritizing Your Life As It Helps You Learn How To Motivate Yourself To STICK To Any Healthy Weight Control Plan

What Are Some Benefits You Will Get From Judy’s DietGlue?

Judy’s DietGlue 4-STEP APPROACH (or PROCESS) teaches you how to:

  • Motivate yourself for permanent weight loss.
  • Organize your head, heart, and hectic life for permanent weight loss.
  • Save oodles of time, energy, and money.
  • Get your children to always behave perfectly. (I’m KIDDING about the perfect kids.)
  • Teach yourself how to live a thinner, happier, more balanced, autonomous, authentic, purposeful, productive life at peace with food, and your body.  (At least that is what happened to me.)
  • Give yourself a remarkable (and much bigger) benefit. As you use my 4-STEP APPROACH, you will inadvertently be learning many fulfilling, enjoyable, easy ways to live your whole life in sync with your core values and life goals.  I don’t think you will actually understand how wonderful and important that is, until it starts happening to you.
  • Feel good about yourself while it helps you shape up your whole life, not just your rear end.

Judy’s DietGlue IS NOT a “Stand Alone” Diet Book.


If Judy’s DietGlue Isn’t a “Stand Alone” Diet Book, Then What IS It?

  • You could call Judy’s DietGlue a vital guidebook, a Skinny School textbook,  or a diet manual that contains an effective 4-STEP APPROACH to permanent weight control.
  • You could call it an essential companion, auxiliary, complementary book  that should be  packaged with any sensible weight-control plan to help you STICK to that good plan.
  • You could call it a dieter’s scaffold, a framework, an organized process, a pot full of helpful ideas, and a first-aid kit for your suffering fat head and heart.
  • You could call it a handbook entitled:  HOW TO STICK TO ANY WEIGHT LOSS AND/OR MAINTENANCE PLAN–FOREVER!
  • You could call it partly a success story which leaves a trail of tears, triumphs, and crumbs for you to follow.
  • You could say that Judy’s DietGlue is sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes educational, sometimes wise, sometimes smart-ass, sometimes painful to read, but always sympathetic, compassionate, and understanding.

Who Should NOT Read Judy’s DietGlue?

  • Most men should NOT read my book!  Most fat guys think differently about their bodies and their place in society. They also lose weight at a disgustingly easier rate than we do.
    • I do, however, welcome fat men who have been struggling with weight since childhood or have developed emotional eating problems.
  • Diet rookies who don’t know the difference between a carb and a carburetor.
  • Fools who need to ask if pregnant women’s urine injections, or fasting, or a Twinkie or Horoscope Diet are ok to try–go away.
  • Veteran dieters who are still looking for quick, easy, black-and-white solutions to their unique, complex, weight control issues.
  • Women just looking for another success story, plus common tips, hints, or a specific exercise regimen.
  • Women looking for lots of specific digested versions of the latest fat research. I have done a lot of research though, and I have squirted the tastiest of those findings into the content of this book like jelly filling in a doughnut.
  • People looking for specific diet plans and recipes.  There are tons of good diet plans and recipes out there. Judy’s DietGlue is about helping you stick to the good diet plans, and adhering to a lifestyle that incorporates those good recipes.
  • People who just had a fat “accident,” like a broken leg or a baby.

Who SHOULD Read Judy’s DietGlue?

  • Women who may or may not be pretty good at losing weight on a “diet,” but always gain it back.
  • Women ready to plan for long-term maintenance using a “hybrid” whole-life approach to weight control.
  • Women who want to put order and organization in their heads, hearts, and hectic lives where there is now chaos.  Among other life-management improvements, that order and organization will be important ingredients for getting their weight issues under control.
  • Women who may feel developmentally harmed or depressed by their chronic, internal battle with fat.
  • Women who want to grow mentally and emotionally as they shrink physically.
  • Women ready to take the time to assess their previous failures before they set foot on a scale to document the start of yet another “diet.”
  • Women who want inspiration, motivation, information, empathy, organizational skills, and quite a bit of diet wisdom.
  • Women ready to accept the help of a sincere, dedicated, sometimes amusing, knowledgeable friend (that’s me), who has documented her way though many years of successful weight loss and weight maintenance.
  • Forever thin women who deal with weight on a daily basis by hungrily (and perhaps abusively) white knuckling their way through life.
  • Women ready to upchuck at the sight of one more diet company advertisement featuring a regular nice lady or a well-paid nice lady celebrity temporarily losing a glob of weight on a particular for-sale diet plan and/or product that simply counts out your calories. Often these diet companies even sell you the food, and thus give you a vacation from reality and autonomy. The pitch woman for the diet will, in all honesty, testify that “IT WORKS.” DAH!  Of course “IT WORKS” as long as she–or you–blindly adhere to it!  But, she usually doesn’t, and you don’t either, right?
  • Women who USED to be emotional eaters, but haven’t figured out that emotional eating is no longer their major weight control issue. There are a lot of women who have overcome much of their emotional eating who NOW need to discover that they aren’t the out-of-control psycho piggies they once were by doing a “baseline” check. Quite possibly, due to abusing themselves on one stupid diet after another AND creeping age, their primary weight issue is that now they simply need fewer calories to MAINTAIN.  I am one of those unfortunate “Easy Keepers” and I have documentation to prove it, and I will show you how I deal with this crummy problem.
  • Anyone who is trying to treat, counsel, or support a lady struggling with long-term weight issues.

How Is Judy’s DietGlue Different?

This Section Will Explain A Few Of The Different:

Premises, Processes, Purposes, Payoffs, Proofs, Portrayals, Poo poos & Profiles,


Premise 1

This book is designed on the premise that each of us is a lovely, unique creation with complex, unique problems which can be figured out and permanently fixed by only one expert. That expert is you. In an effort to help you become an expert on you, this book will serve you huge servings of ideas that will help you find YOUR answers for making YOUR complex, unique, difficult problem of losing weight and keeping it off as easy as possible.

Premise 2

Judy’s DietGlue teaches you how to become that expert on yourself. How? By teaching you how to teach YOURSELF how to get thin, stay thin, and keep your life prioritized, organized, and at peace with food. (You will even learn how to USE your previous failures as building blocks for success.)

Premise 3

The Problem:  For many women, losing weight and keeping it off is the most difficult, complex as well as energy, confidence, and ego sapping full-time job in their lives.

The Solution: Judy’s DietGlue is about getting this difficult problem of weight control in the right perspective in your life by taking a comprehensive approach.  We will look at your philosophy of life (values and goals) and then develop a life-management process that almost seamlessly incorporates a workable weight-management plan into your life because your life affects how you eat, and how you eat affects your life.


One major purpose of Judy’s DietGlue is to NOT give you yet another rehash of the plentiful good advice that is already out there in the “dietsphere.”

Two Major Purposes Fused Together:

To give you the insight, wisdom, tools, motivation, autonomy, and organizational skills to:

  1. stick to the good advice that is already “out there” and
  2. stick to your promises to yourself.

Two More Major Purposes Fused Together:

  1. To help you learn  how to get your head, heart, and hectic life organized so you can finally stick to any good weight control plan and get your  compulsive eating under control and lose weight.
  2. To help you learn how to maintain that weight loss permanently and finally become at peace with food.
Seamlessly gluing these purposes together was vitally important for my success.




The Processes Are Indicated In The Judy’s DietGlue

Table Of Contents

  1. A Howdy From Judy
  2. Judy’s 1-2-3-4-Step Approach to Permanent Weight Control

Part 1—Benefits You Can’t Find Anywhere Else But in Judy’s DietGlue (Step 1)

1. Descriptions of the Unique Benefits of This “Not a Diet Book” Book

2. Meet Your Guide, Coach, Friend, Cheerleader, Skinny School Teacher, and Glue Dispenser, Judy Payne

Part 2—Looking Back to Move Forward (Step 1)

3. Let’s Rant and Rave a Little First

4. Let’s Get a Grip on the Complexity, Intensity,  Range, and Perceptions of Your Diet Issues

5. Let’s Analyze Why Your Maintenance Efforts Always Come Unglued

6. How the World Has and Hasn’t Changed for Us Weight Warriors

7. Solutions I Discovered within Myself by Looking Back

Part 3—My Fat Life and How I Finally Got It All Glued Together (Step 1)

8. The Judy Payne Success Story

9. Who and What to Believe—Experts, Idiots, and Scammers

Part 4—Getting Your Head, Heart, and Hectic Life Glued Together (Steps 2, 3. and 4)

10. How to Find Your Core Values and Major Life Goals (Step 2)

11. How to Organize Your Life-Management Processes (Step 3)

12. How to Pick and Stick to Your Weight-Loss and Weight-Maintenance Plans–Forever! (Step 4)

Part 5—Get Gluing!

13. Parting Thoughts



  • Many good diet books have lightened my load (temporarily), but I allowed none of them to be my THE DIET or THE ANSWER because I hadn’t addressed enough of the issues that made me regain over and over.  It took me years to figure out how to figure out how to get to and stay a normal size.
  • Judy’s DietGlue focuses on addressing the head, heart, and organizational problems I had to discover before I could take control of my life.  My book can be just the ticket for the many women who need the same kind of help I needed–and couldn’t find in any book or diet plan.
  • Judy’s DietGlue works WITH the human condition, not against it.
  • Judy’s DietGlue helps the habitual dieter learn about herself.  From that acquired knowledge and your experience with the 4-STEP PROCESS you can gift yourself with life-changing joy, satisfaction, productivity, and self-esteem that are more important than the thinness you acquire.
  • Judy’s DietGlue provides a comprehensive, rational approach to long-term weight control for the veteran dieter who continually loses weight and then regains it.


Judy’s DietGlue “Course” Descriptions

Next, I’ll use three very different “Course” metaphors to portray Judy’s DietGlue. (I think you will soon realize that I am a hopelessly heavy user of alliteration and metaphors.)Judy Payne, The Course of Time

COURSE ONE: The Course Of Time

How many people have you ever heard of that lost a ton of weight, without surgery, and have kept it off for over 30 years? After doing sane and crazy diets from age 8 to 29, I lost 110 pounds in the late 1970’s.  Even when I wrote The Smart Cookie Approach to Dieting in 1986, I had gone well beyond the 3-year mark where most dieters have gained “it” all back.  Since 1986, I have been following, testing, validating, and tweaking my own beliefs and practices, and my advice for you.  This long course of time alone makes this “How To” book unique, and infinitely more helpful than much of the phony baloney short-term weight-control advice out there.

Judy Payne, Food for Thought

COURSE TWO: The 13-Course Meal of Food for Thought

Table of Contents Menu Judy's DietGlueWith each course (each chapter) I will be dishing out ample, well-balanced “helpings” of Glue!  I know Glue doesn’t sound very appetizing, but I think you have been hungering for it for a couple of reasons.

  1.  You need to glue together all the important chunks of your life so your core values and your daily-life management tasks incorporate your weight-management goals.
  2. You also crave the glue (MOTIVATION) that will help you STICK to any sensible weight-loss program and then a weight-maintenance program. I will help you learn how to almost happily cement the good stuff you will learn during your weight loss efforts into lifelong weight maintenance skills that I will teach you how to design and put into practice.

COURSE THREE:  The Advanced Skinny School Course

Judy Payne, Skinny School TeacherIn this Advanced Skinny School course I am giving you the knowledge and insights of my experience that I wish someone had given me years ago.  If, at first, you let me guide/tutor/mentor/teach you a little, and if you are willing to start peeling back some of those fat layers of self-deception and dare to go on an exciting adult learning adventure into yourself, then this book will be of great value to you. Using Judy’s DietGlue as your Skinny School textbook, I can help you learn how to become your own best guide/tutor/mentor/teacher.


Thirty Years of Testing

  • Thirty years of proven success, not by just a theoretical expert, but by a real, everyday woman who has filtered that good theoretical help through her fat head and heart.
  • This 30-year, time-tested study included one guinea pig–ME!
  • My 30-year, proven methods of weight loss and maintenance won’t make your fight with fat a piece of cake, but can make it a quicker, less painful, and less error-ridden process.
  • The very unique advantage of 30 years of 20/20 hindsight and my documentation delivers the closest thing to long-term weight-management wisdom you will find.


What Judy’s DietGlue WON’T feed you

There will be:

  • No specific diets, menus, product, exercise regimens, etc.
  • No diet recipes (there are enough excellent ones available elsewhere to circle the globe many times).
  • No meaningless, black or white answers for your various shades of gray problems.
  • No psycho jargon or yummy sounding superlatives to “butter you up” like “breakthrough diet secrets” or “miracle diet pill” or “at last, a quick, easy diet that works!”
  • None of that “it’s simply a matter of eating less and exercising more.” Of course we know it’s about eating less and/or exercising more!  We struggle with fat, not stupidity! Our devils are in the details of eating less and exercising more.
  • No simply counting what is countable like pounds, calories, or explaining  BMI charts, glycemic indices, etc. All those things just measure, they don’t cause or cure.   We will work on what is not necessarily countable, but what counts the most in your endeavor to overcome your weight issues.  I will help you look for and then organize a process to deal with  your uncountable demons such as  shame, impulsive eating,  anger, hunger, hopelessness, sadness, low self-esteem, denial, love/hate relationships with yourself and food, possible food (or eating) addiction, compulsive eating behaviors, and on and on.
  • No simple tips and statistics such as: “Put your fork down between bites,” “Use a tall skinny glass,” “Divide snacks into 100-calorie snack bags,” “Keep main dishes on the stove (not in serving bowls on the table) and you will eat 19% less,” or “Don’t eat in front of the TV,” or  “Fifty sit-ups a day make the tummy go away.”  You can get lots of good, simple, true, black-and-white tips like these from well-intentioned friends, family, and professional folks or by reading sensible diet information online or offline.

Judy’s DietGlue

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The Perfect gift for any woman that struggles with her weight


There were payoffs (benefits) at the top of this web page and I also folded some into the Premises, Purposes, and Processes that you just read.  I do want to mention (or rephrase) a few here that I think you will relish as you read Judy’s DietGlue and rethink, retool, and reorganize yourself for a happier life with food.

  • You will get the chaos out of your head, heart, and hectic life.
  • You will get your whole life organized, prioritized, and glued together with your weight issues incorporated and maintainable and secondary.
  • In the process of taking control and gluing your life together philosophically, effectively, and efficiently, you will learn to better develop, understand, and love your authentic, autonomous self.
  • You will learn to accept weaknesses in yourself just as you accept them in anyone else you love.
  • Once you start loving yourself, you will want to start taking better care of yourself, because you know you are worth the effort.
  • You can relax and be at peace with food and get about working on your bigger goals.
  • When you get your whole life-management process glued together, it will be so much easier to stop achieving just short-term thinness and start building long-term happiness.
  • Believe it or not, if I can get you to change your perspective just a bit, you will learn to enjoy the process.

You may think that some of these payoffs don’t fit with a weight-management book, but you will see how they were essential for me to learn my way to attaining and maintaining a thinner, happier life.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Answer: Because I am a rare species!

  • I don’t know any other woman who has created a successful process from her trials and errors as she lost a large lump of weight, without surgery, and has kept it off, in a healthy manner, for a long, long time.   (Maybe these skinny clones of mine wasted away into vapor, but I doubt it.)
  • I have never heard of anyone who kept weight off without making permanent lifestyle changes. I am troubled by the fact that we usually see and hear from those whose lifestyle changes involve gritting their teeth and feeling deprived as they make their way through life’s food temptations or perhaps exercising until their knees blow up. Here is where I part company with those nervous maintainers.  I have actually learned over time to (for the most part) enjoy the process of maintaining my weight. Really! I know it’s hard to believe, but Judy’s DietGlue explains how I have accomplished that state of being.

My Unique Food and Fat Rèsumè

Thirty some years have passed since my original weight loss. I have kept almost all of it off, but I still piddle with those few extra pounds every now and then just like most “Normal” women do.

  • I don’t remember how much I lost per week or even per year in the late ’70s.  What IS important is that after over 30+ years it is still GONE!!!
  • I can’t give you a precise answer about when I quit bingeing either, but I haven’t had a mega-binge in decades.
  • can tell you that for many years now I have not been an out of control, emotional eater.
  • I can tell you with certainty that I gradually got it all glued together by using the processes I share in Judy’s DietGlue.
  • “Sensible Judy” has taught “Fun Judy” (you will meet them in the book) how to get a grip.
  • I have changed from a crazed compulsive eater to a happy, healthy, fairly organized person who is AT PEACE WITH FOOD.
  • USED my weight problem as a catalyst to go:
    • From self-abuse to self-actualization.
    • From self-denial to self-awareness.
    • From self-hatred to feeling pretty darn good about myself.
    • From self-intolerance to self-forgiveness.
    • From seeking black-and-white easy answers to learning to customize the far more effective gray answers.
    • From self-prejudice to advocate for overweight women.
  • For several years I worked with a group of overweight teenage girls on a grant from the Iowa State Department of Health and University of Iowa.
  • I have counseled one-to-one with many overweight women on a regular basis.
  • I wrote a weekly column called “The Fat Column” in the Des Moines Sunday Register.
  • I have done many workshops, seminars, and speeches about the state of fatness.
  • I have been a Weight Watchers’ lecturer.
  • I created the six-hour Smart Cookie Approach to Dieting Audio Library.

If you want to see my extended rèsumè, go to:  //judypayne.com/about-judy/

If you want to see some testimonials, go to:  //judypayne.com/testimonials/

Judy's DietGlue 4-Step Approach that may be the missing link to your diet success

I Wish I Could Be Your Perfect Diet Guru, But I Can’t

If a perfect weight-control wizard existed, she would be an intelligent, sympathetic, open-minded woman of integrity who has lost a lot of weight herself and has sensibly kept it off. I’ve got that part covered.  However, she might also have degrees in medicine, nutrition, psychology or psychiatry, endocrinology, genetics, behavioral science, sociology, physiology, public policy, economics, and communications.  I don’t fit that description, and I don’t want anyone to think I am trying to practice any profession without a license.  I can, however, read, comprehend, and evaluate what all these responsible professionals have to tell us. Furthermore, I can do what most of them, by lack of necessity, cannot do and that is: I can filter that information through a fat head and heart.


Without that filter, we can end up with caring but naïve experts touting the merits of eating veggies and spouting all those scary statistics about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes to obese, miserable children. Dumb! Self-hating fat girls are far more concerned about their consuming emotional pain because of social issues that range from being bullied, to wanting to fit into a hot pair of jeans, to getting a cool guy’s positive attention.

Unlike me, few experts know what it FEELS like to be a fat little girl, a fat teenager, and/or an out-of-control fat adult woman in our thin-crazed society.


We can keep hoping for that perfect diet aficionado to show up with the magic answer, the miracle diet, or the panacean pill in hand, but I will keep doing my best to help you and myself until she appears.


Frankly, for now, I don’t know of anyone who could be a better personal guide/mentor/teacher/sage/empathizer and diet buddy for you–than me.



My Unique Research Background

I have been a diet information junkie since the 1960s—seeking enlightenment and/or miracles. I have boxes, shelves, and file drawers full of good and ludicrous diet books, articles, and research.


Since I started my weekly column in the Des Moines Sunday Register, way back in 1982, I have probably spent thousands of hours surfing around bookstores, libraries, and now online looking at a kajillion diets, scams, tips, recipes, drugs, products, experts, surgeries, success stories, etc.  I now read heaps of websites, blogs, forums, Facebook entries, Tweets, magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, ads, great and ridiculous diet books, and government and health agency publications. I stare in amazement at the plethora of silly/semi-worthless/expensive diet and exercise plans often soaked in cauldrons of scientific voodoo terminology and sold via TV and online ads and infomercials. Clear back in the ’80s and ’90s I spent hours on the phone documenting what I had read, seen, and heard from authors, directors of research projects, and heads of many governmental agencies and eating disorder clinics.


I have never stopped being an “INFOMANIAC” about fat issues and now technology has made it easy as pie to find information.  Though the intent of Judy’s DietGlue is not to dispense old faithful and current diet research, you will taste the fruits of my research throughout the book.

My Own Evaluation of My Writing

Most people who write books want to write books.  I don’t. I only wrote Judy’s DietGlue because it seemed like the best way to get my message to you.This book isn’t like a product I invented–it’s ME!  I am sharing myself with you, embarrassing as some of my disclosures are, so you can use me and my life lessons. I’m 70 and my brain seems to me to be as good or better than it has ever been. However, I have a sense of urgency to get my work out to women who can use it before any of my faculties start to crumble. The term “deadline” has taken on a whole new meaning in the last few years as I face my own mortality and desire to leave my legacy.


I may fear failure, and criticism, and wish I could just act my age and retire to some warm, lazy place, but I can’t. I have to try to get my book to you because you should find it useful in your struggle. In turn, that makes my life useful. I HAVE to get my work “out there” because I don’t know of anyone else who has been dieting since she was 8 years old, and has the experience, expertise, documentation, insight, or desire to share her knowledge and wisdom in a smart-aleck, ticked off,  organized, holistic, supportive way.


Judy's DietGlue Book
This Book Is Like A Bottle Of DietGlue That Will Help You STICK To Any Sensible Weight Control Plan You Choose.


Why Did I Write Judy’s DietGlue?

A. Because it is my CAUSE:


My primary goal is not to sell a book to make money (although that would be nice).  My book, blog, etc., are my tools for fighting for my CAUSE.  Some people are advocates for animal rights, some for better government, some for helping the less fortunate.  My CAUSE is to mobilize all the women of this world who aren’t proactive about finding and supporting their CAUSES because of their weight.


It may surprise you to know that I really don’t care if you are skinny as a rail or big as a barn.  I just want you to get off your big or little rear end and pursue your life goals.


For as long as I can remember, when I am not thinking about anything else, I am thinking about what I should be doing on this planet to make it a better place. When asked why I am writing this book, I sometimes just cryptically say, “It’s a God thing.”


It is my hope that I can help unleash some of the human potential that is being tragically hoarded by overweight women who are waiting until they are thin to start sharing their gifts.


Ask Yourself About Your Own Bigger-Than-Yourself Goals:

  • Are you not yet working toward ANY goals because you are waiting until you are thinner? Worse yet, maybe you haven’t even dug deep enough to know that you are feeling unfulfilled because you haven’t recognized–let alone worked toward–-your core values and major life goals.
  • Are you using food to self-medicate, or numb yourself, or divert your attention and energies, so you can avoid nagging thoughts of bigger goals for your life that seem impossible to you to imagine yourself trying to accomplish?
  • Has the world convinced you that if you can’t do something “as easy as eat less and exercise more” that you couldn’t possibly succeed at anything else either?
  • Have you ever considered working on your big goals AND your fat butt at the same time?


Are you waiting for your life to begin when you are thin??


My Greatest Achievement–And Yours!

My biggest achievement was not my successful dieting and weight maintenance. My biggest success was learning how to use my huge issue with my weight as a catalyst to examine my whole life and to prioritize and organize what was going on in my head, heart, and hectic life. Really!


That 4-step process to get my eating life in order compelled me, incidentally, but more importantly, to live my whole life in concert with my core values and my life goals.


Only in retrospect could I write Judy’s DietGlue which gives you guidance for building your own 4-step approach to getting your whole life in order.


I wrote this book because I’m pretty sure that desperate women dieters have never thought about how to do what I discovered works for me.
Judy Payne, Author of Judy's DietGlue, A How to Stick to Any Diet Guidebook


As a result of the 1-2-3-4-STEP APPROACH to dieting and weight maintenance that I give you in Judy’s DietGlue, I am not just a permanently thinner person. I am also a profoundly happier, healthier, more productive, authentic, self-actualized, motivated, organized person at peace with food and my body.


Without exaggerated, cream-puffy adjectives or unfounded claims, I will guide you through the ideas I have discovered that can change your life for the better.


Judy’s DietGlue can help you create the same blueprint I used for success for your life. I know it works, because I live the information you will read in Judy’s DietGlue. 


B. Because of my CORE BELIEFS:


I believe we were put in this world to do the best we can with whatever gifts we are given. I believe that once we have taken care of ourselves and anyone else we bring into this world, our leftover energies should be used to joyously share whatever might be helpful to others.

So what gifts do I have to share?  I have a different and EFFECTIVE 4-STEP WEIGHT CONTROL PROCESS to help women battling lifelong weight problems, that’s what!

I have used my weight issues as a springboard into prioritizing and organizing my life and almost seamlessly incorporating good eating behavior into a much happier, more fulfilling life.


In the late 1970s and early 1980s as I was learning my way out of my fat suit of armor, I found or developed the following mission statement/core beliefs and incorporated them into the fabric of my life.  They have stayed with me and have guided me ever since.  They are to:

  • “Grow as I help other people grow.”
  • “Live, love, learn, laugh and leave a legacy.”

When I am not living up to these beliefs,
I can FEEL it, and it doesn’t feel right.


C. Because I have always wanted to create A SOCIALLY VALUABLE BUSINESS.


My entire working life I have always put money as a secondary priority after making sure that what I was doing to make money had social value. Of course I want to make a profit with Judy’s DietGlue and my online efforts, but I won’t spend the remainder of my life working at anything that I wouldn’t do for $0.00.


My work fits the philosophy that I am promoting to you.  My work is a combination of a desire to serve, and to make a business out of my cause.


When you have finished reading Judy’s DietGlue, I would like your suggestions if you see ways I can make my book better. If I think you sound like a sane person, I will seriously consider your ideas for improvements in the next edition. Of course, I would bask in the glow of positive feedback and permission to use your kind words in my blog or future editions.



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For the price of a few bags of potato chips you will receive nutritious food for thought that can help you change your life for the better.

So what do you have to lose?

For heaven’s sake, just do it! You will be glad you did.



Judy Payne


Judy’s DietGlue

Paperback – $16.00
PDF E-book – $14.50
Paperback or Kindle E-Book on Amazon
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This Could Be One Of The Wisest Investments You Have Ever Made In Yourself!


Judy’s DietGlue Is The Essential Companion Book to Any Sensible Weight Control Plan.


It Will Teach You How to Rethink, Organize, And Prioritize Your Life and How to MOTIVATE Yourself to STICK To Any Sensible Weight-Control Plan


Get Gluing!!!