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The Smart Cookie Approach to Dieting
The Smart Cookie Approach to Dieting is the most comprehensive work of its kind ever undertaken. If you have been on many diets, have lost some weight, but gained it back, this audio presentation is for you. It will guide you through your WHOLE life not just your dieting history. It offers a unique 1-2-3 Sugarcone approach to prioritizing, and organizing the chaos in your head, heart, and hectic life so you can lose weight and maintain that weight loss–forever.

Judy Payne

Hi, this is Judy Payne writing.  I want to give you lots and lots of information about The Smart Cookie Audio (and me) so you know what you are getting.  I’ll start with a little history:


I created The Smart Cookie Approach to Dieting Audio Tape Library after I had lost over 100 pounds and had kept it off for around a decade. At that time, I sold thousands of Smart Cookies to individuals, libraries, hospitals, etc. Since it is still jam-packed with valuable help for any lady who is struggling with her weight, I decided to re-master The Smart Cookie Audio Tape Library and make it available as a downloadable audio book and four CD’s. On the left, below, is a picture of the first edition of The Smart Cookie that I sold in a cookie bag. Next to the cookie bag is the new four-disc CD edition.

Old Smart Cookie Audio
New Smart Cookie Audio CD
Judy at 29years and 255lbs
Diet & Maintenance
Judy Payne
A Decade of Maintenance
I am including below the words from the front and back of the original “cookie bag” because they are just as relevant for the new downloadable and CD versions.

Front of Cookie Bag says:

  • The intelligent woman’s guide to Long-Term Weight Management
  • Unique, Enjoyable, Witty, Sensible, Loving
  • Take control of your life—and your weight
  • The Habitual Dieter’s Best Friend Tape Library

Back of Cookie Bag Says:

Who should listen to the Habitual Dieter’s Best Friend Tape Library?

Every woman who diets.

What can this Smart Cookie audio give you?

  • A unique, logical 1-2-3 approach for prioritizing and then organizing what is going on in your head, your heart, and your hectic life.  Why?  So you won’t be one of the vast majority of women who gain back their weight loss within 6 months to 3 years.
  • An understanding of the 9 most deadly dieting MISTAKES
  • Three SECRETS of long-term weight management
  • Much, much more

Smart Cookie Letter from back of bag

What other listeners have to say…

“I didn’t want the tapes to end.”

“I laughed, I cried, and I thought about myself like I never have before.”

“You get to the heart of the problem.”

“Your tapes must be experienced to be appreciated.”

How The Smart Cookie Approach To Dieting Audio Book and Judy’s DietGlue Are Different

My new book Judy’s DietGlue contains a lot of condensed information from The Smart Cookie but continues on with my successful weight maintenance saga since I completed The Smart Cookie Audio.

Judy Payne


Let me provide this little caveat here about my obsessive use of easy-to-understand symbols before you start reading the next section of this web page.Smart Cookie Ice Cream Cone 123


In the Judy’s DietGlue book there are four symbolic shades of gray in Judy’s dress.  That little Judy icon replaced thesugarcone  that  I used in The Smart Cookie Audio to symbolize the structure of my fat-fighting philosophy.  I changed my symbolism because when I wrote The Smart Cookie, I called my process the 1-2-3-Sugarcone Approach to Dieting. In contrast, Judy’s DietGlue contains an additional step which makes up about a third of the new book.


So Which Book Should You Get?


Either the audio book or the book will give you plenty to think about.
Listening to the audio and then reading the book would, of course, be my recommendation to anyone who wants to get the most out of what I have to offer. The philosophy is essentially the same, but Judy’s DietGlue contains more examples, humor, and current research.

Many women have reported back to me that every time they heard and/or read my work, they got more out of it. Besides, if you get sick of listening to my voice you can continue to benefit from my philosophy by reading my words.


If you don’t have to make a choice, listen to the audio AND read the book.
You should be an even Smarter Cookie if you do both.

 Judy Payne

How The Smart Cookie Approach to Dieting

Differs From Ordinary Diet Books

The habitual dieter lives in a complex gray world but often looks for simple black-and-white answers. There are no black-and-white answers.


The Smart Cookie Approach helps make the complex answers as simple as possible. The Smart Cookie Approach is NOT another “how to” program. (The market is flooded with “how tos” which fail for 80% to 95% of dieters.)


The Smart Cookie contains a diet philosophy that can have a profound effect on the life of any woman who lives with a real or imagined weight problem (that is 75% of American women). It is not a philosophy to blindly accept, but rather one to react to and customize. The Smart Cookie is about autonomy. It is about happiness. It is about love.


The Smart Cookie Approach is not a specific diet. It doesn’t deal with the easy to find, obvious, accurate, easy, superficial, short-term remedies like hints, habit changes, and nutritional information. It does, however, encourage the listener to rely on current, conservative, scientific wisdom rather than the repackaged nutritional gibberish often found in some best-selling diet-books-of-the-month.


Smart Cookie Seal of Approval, Experts Should Love ItCredible experts should applaud this work for it endorses current medical wisdom and concentrates on the problems that no one but the individual woman can cure for herself.

 Judy Payne

The Smart Cookie Audio Rationale

The Smart Cookie Approach to DietingBelow is some of the rationale behind the The Smart Cookie Approach that I would like you to know before you start listening.


One reason I did The Smart Cookie in audio form rather than book form is because I wanted to get as close to the woman dieter as I can. You will only hear my voice talking to you in an intimate woman-to-woman style


The Smart Cookie Audio conveys my understanding, sympathy, love, and assertive, funny, positive attitude about weight management. I do not want to relate to you as the usual theoretical, boring, statistics-based expert, but as a voice of commonsense and  experience, and a caring friend who lost over 100 pounds more than a decade ago and has KEPT IT OFF.


The Smart Cookie Approach doesn’t recommend any particular diet or diet products. The Smart Cookie is much more COMPREHENSIVE than simply another diet or UNdiet.


The Smart Cookie deals with the WHOLE WOMAN and her complex life–not just her overweight body parts. It teaches the woman how to prioritize and organize everything that is going on in her head, heart, and hectic life so she can stick to any sensible weight‑management plan she may choose. I teach the listener how to use my comprehensive, effective “1‑2‑3 Sugarcone Approach” to life‑management which can free any thinking woman to live a happier, more productive, less stressful, AND thinner life.


Finally, I want you to know that the reason I did The Smart Cookie IS NOT because I think all people should want to fit society’s rigid weight standards. I did it because of my desire to use my talents, experience, and love to help other women “put it all together” so they can live their lives more abundantly.


The Smart Cookie Audio Objectives:

  • One objective is to help women get their life goals and priorities in order. (Most credible experts and diet hucksters start and end with the generic dime‑a‑dozen detailed diets, weight maintenance and exercise plans, hints, behavior modification exercises, and recipes.) For long‑term happiness and/or thinness, the real work takes place in the head and the heart–establishing order where there is now chaos.
  • The Smart Cookie helps women develop a life‑management plan in sync with life goals and priorities. In order to do this, the lady listener is taken on a guided tour, within herself, to find the answers that are best for HER. The audio teaches a woman how to become more autonomous and assertive by peeling back some of those fat layers of self‑deception, fear, and excuses. The listener becomes her own best analyst. All this inner stretching will help her shrink physically if indeed SHE decides that she must lose weight in order to reach her life goals and to live a balanced life.
  • The Smart Cookie also helps each woman learn how to intelligently select the weight ­management plans which are best for HER. Weight management must fit into the life‑management plan‑‑it is a self‑fulfilling prophecy of defeat to try to make her life fit into her weight‑management plan.
  • The Smart Cookie explores many reasons why women fail at sane or silly diets and why 80 to 95% of successful dieters gain their weight back within 6 months to 3 years.
  • The Smart Cookie urges the listener to quit being prejudiced against HERSELF and to claim and develop the dignity and self‑esteem that are her due–regardless of her size.

The Smart Cookie intends to  help you:

  • Forgive Yourself
  • Feel Good About Yourself
  • Move On!

Judy Payne

Description of The Smart Cookie Approach to Dieting Audio

This 5+ hour audio takes a unique approach to weight control–AND IT WORKS! The Smart Cookie Audio is the most comprehensive, relevant diet information on the market today for the yo-yo dieter.


Millions of American women spend their lives either dieting or feeling guilty because they aren’t dieting. Society tells us that weight control is “SIMPLY a matter of eating less and exercising more.” But for many women weight control is NOT SIMPLE–it is the most DIFFICULT, COMPLEX, PAINFUL problem in their lives. THERE ARE NO SIMPLE, EASY ANSWERS.


The Smart Cookie gives women dieters the help they need to make their DIFFICULT problem as EASY as possible to solve


The Smart Cookie helps women get far beyond the simplistic idea of finding a diet “that works.” Any sane or silly diet will work for the short term, but at what physical and emotional price and for how long?


The Smart Cookie could be described as a diet “supplement” to any sensible weight‑management and exercise plan. It gives the habitual dieter the motivation she needs to stick to her personal weight‑control commitments.


The Smart Cookie is motivation, inspiration, support, humor, wisdom, insight, and information.


The Smart Cookie is a valuable tool to help women learn how to go about attaining long-term happiness–not just short‑term thinness.


The Smart Cookie is loaded with powerful messages for you to ponder.


The Smart Cookie Approach to Dieting is good listening for the head and heart.



  • “I feel like I know you. I know so many I wish could hear these tapes. I love them.”
  •  “You verbalize feelings and thoughts I have been unable to express to myself.”
  •  “You got thoughts out of me I didn’t know I had.”
  • “I felt like I was on the outside looking and listening to someone and discovered that that person was me.”
  • “The rest of the world should hear your message….”
  •  “Wonderful. Each time I listen 1-2 times a day I hear something new. I am struck by the tone of deep respect for your listeners and the profound, hard-won, respectfully offered life lessons. This is heroism.”
  • “Better than diet pills and plans. It examines the psyche, uplifts one’s spirit, and activates one’s commitment to ‘exercise’control of what really matters: the sources influencing eating patterns.”
  • “Thanks for helping me get my head on straight again.”
  •  “The tapes have been a great HELP so please send the replacement soon. I hate to be without it for even a week.”
  • “I hated to hear your wistful voice say ‘goodbye.’”
  • “Your tape library will never get very far from my hot little hands.”
  •  “You make me realize my problem is complex, guilt is useless and action is a must.”
  • “Like a best friend—supportive, encouraging, non-condemning, but very honest and unaccepting of excuses.”
  •  “I’ve listened to the entire 6 hours 4 times now and get something more each time.”

Judy Payne

How I Am Different From Other Know-It-All Diet Gurus

Most credible diet experts are intelligent, well-intentioned, thin, often condescending male doctors with a remarkable grasp of the obvious who cannot comprehend the hideous pain of female fatness. They tell women it is “simply a matter of eating less and exercising more.” In contrast, I am a HUMOROUS diet expert AND a role model. I am a “during”–not a before or an after. I LIVE what I am talking about. The attitude throughout the audio is one of empathy and understanding for the lady listener and anger toward our thin‑crazed, prejudiced society.


Rather than the usual “quick,” “easy,” “breakthrough” foolishness, The Smart Cookie is built on the premise that for many of us losing and/or maintaining a healthy weight IS NOT EASY. I contend it is one of the most difficult, frustrating, energy‑sapping problems in our lives.


The Smart Cookie deals with the vast gray reality gap. Many dieting women are confused, and rightly so. They live in a gap between the credible experts and the outrageous diet faddists. Also on opposite sides of the gap are opposing black-and-white ideologies. On one side we have the 300‑pound plus ladies saying they are proud and happy to be fat. On the other we have the media and society telling us we should all be size 2s if we want to be totally acceptable. The miserable majority wouldn’t be so miserable if they would assert themselves instead of being tugged in different directions. This is another place I can help.


Philosophically and physically I have learned to live happily in the gray reality gap. I weigh a healthy 145 pounds, and I work just hard enough to stay there. I will go no further to please anyone else. I am the countess of common sense, the baroness of balance and the queen of compromise. That’s what it takes to live happily in the gray reality gap with a weight problem.


Carrying my mission one step further, I help the woman with a weight problem USE the problem as an opportunity for growth. I help her see ways she can use her fight with fat to become a more self-aware, loving, productive, and stronger human being.


I am a mouthy, ticked-off spokesperson for the average American woman who is being maligned by society and is fighting nobly just to stay in a healthy weight range.


My Philosophy of Life AND Philosophy of Fat

–All Lumped Together–

I work from my heart as much as from my head. I am centered and focused. At home, at school, writing, or speaking I am always doing the same thing–same song, different verse.


I am a selfish wench who wants to be happy, and what makes me happy is pulling the best out of myself as I try to pull the best out of others.


I never wanted to be a speaker or a writer, but I have something I want to share so I have to speak and write.


I want to touch as many lives as positively as I can. I will only eat and exercise as rigidly and healthfully as I must in order to be healthy and feel good. The rest of my energy is going into more important matters. I will NOT lose weight for society or for anyone but me. That extrinsic kind of motivation rarely works in the long term.


I am not fat or thin. I am a 145‑pound life‑loving lady. No one or nothing can make me unhappy about my weight unless I choose to let them make me unhappy–I have the power to do that–and so does every other woman if she will simply claim her autonomy and exercise her power.


We all have gifts to give, but many women are crippled, paralyzed, or imprisoned by insecurity, low self‑esteem, unidentified anger, a reluctance to communicate effectively, fear of risk, or fear of exposing too much of themselves. They use their fatness as an excuse for not getting on with their lives. They need to take a look within themselves and get acquainted.  I’ve found that once we get to know someone well (including ourselves), we don’t have to love or understand everything about her, but we love that person simply because we know her.


What I have had to learn about myself in order to lose over 100 pounds and keep it off is far more important to me than the actual loss of poundage. Trauma can force people to grow. Fat has forced me to grow. I help other women learn to use their problem with weight as an opportunity for growth.


I don’t care if people are overweight; I care if they are unhappy and stuck. And I care if they are stuck not only on an individual level but also because of the staggering loss of human potential that could be used to improve our world.


My greatest goal in life is to love all people unconditionally. I am not there yet, but I know I am way ahead of most people who are caught up in the DETAILS of life and not the essence of it.


I am a missionary of love and that starts with self‑love. I want to push the right buttons in people to help them learn to love and understand themselves. Then they can get on with using their energy to build a more loving world.


I believe we were put here to help each other become the best people we can be. I have chosen to zero in on helping the weight plagued because that is where I believe I can do the most good.


There is still too much of that “men are what they do” and “women are what they look like” attitude in our society. Women are capable of running planets. But many women are convinced that if they can’t do what society tells them is “simply a matter of eating less and exercising more,” they couldn’t possibly lead a volunteer group or go for their dreams. For many women, weight control is the hardest thing they will ever have to do; but if they focus more of their energy on goals larger than their thighs, their thighs will become less important than their larger goals. Consequently, their weight control becomes a secondary and easier problem to control because they are in pursuit of more meaningful accomplishments.

Judy Payne

My Definition of Judy Payne (I Suggest You Try To Define Yourself–It’s An Interesting Exercise In Seeking Self-Awareness.)

To see my extensive rèsumè, go to: //www.judypayne.com/about-judy

  • I am a 145-pound, 5’5″, 43‑year old, relatable, somewhat amusing, somewhat wise, knowledgeable, sensible, spontaneous, fairly articulate, happy, well‑adjusted, mainstream, middle‑class woman who is fighting and WINNING my own major battle with food and fat. I am doing so through insight, education, compromise, and autonomy and with a minimum of frustration or extra work.
  • I am an emancipator, a philosopher, teacher, writer, speaker, manager, missionary, harasser, advocate, and defender. I use my understanding of the human condition, and insight to help other women with weight problems grow to their potential.
  • I am a cleaning lady. I help women sort through the diet drivel, and through the reliable weight control information, and through what is going on in their own head and heart. I help them get their mental houses in an order that will enable them to maintain their weight with minimum work and frustration. I don’t do specific diets or hints or tips or other dime‑a‑dozen details. I work on the hard cleaning jobs.
  • I am an organizer. I provide an outline to help women organize their lives and get their weight problem in the right perspective. (Fourteen years ago I was a physical and emotional mess. I had to bumble my way through the processes that I have now efficiently organized for other women to use.) It is a logical, 1-2-3 SUGARCONE approach to long‑term happiness, productivity, and thinness.
  • I am a facilitator who helps women USE their physical or socially induced weight problem to become stronger, happier, more autonomous, productive, and also thinner–if THEY decide losing weight is necessary.
  • I am a tour guide on an introspective journey to self-actualization.
  • I am an agitator of repressed anger, a catalyst for new ideas, and a stimulator of new problem‑solving approaches.
  • I am a social commentator and a campaigner for choice who discusses how our weight woes are created, affected, or magnified by social expectation, prejudice, childhood, and women’s roles.
  • I am a realist friend, not a fat shrink. I help women become their own best analysts. I accomplish this by helping women do the following:
    • Decide for themselves what their priorities are
    • Decide for themselves what size of body they need to live in to accomplish their goals and live a balanced life
    • Decide for themselves how they should get and maintain that body with a minimum of effort and frustration
  • I am a crusader who believes we 145‑pound healthy, beautiful creations should counter attack a silly superficial society that judges us for not being size 3s. We should work on weight control only as hard as we must to maintain good health. Next we should proudly “strut our ample stuff” and present ourselves as the winners we are instead of bowing our heads in submission and saying to society, “You are right, I AM fat and I deserve to be treated shabbily.”
  • To me The Smart Cookie is an eclectic compilation of the following:
    • My life experiences
    • My fat-fighting experiences
    • My research experience
    • My counseling experience
    • My teaching ability
    • My management and organizational skills
    • My goofy sense of humor
    • The knowledge I have acquired from thousands of other women with weight control problems
    • And most of all, my love of my fellow woman and my desire to get her to help me try to make the world a kinder place

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