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Have You Been On Oodles Of Crazy And/Or Sensible Diets?
Do You Always Gain “IT” Back?

If so, you have come to the right website.
Judy Payne at 29 years old at 255lbs. and at 70 years old at 152.999lbs.
The Purpose of the Website:
  • To get you to know, like, and trust me so you will let me help you.
The Purpose of the Blog:
  • To give us the ability to talk to each other and share experiences, insights, ideas, and feelings. I will also be available on Facebook, Twitter, and at my local Baskin Robbins. (I’m just kidding about the BR.)
The Purpose of the Book — Judy’s DietGlue:
  • To give you my unique, critical 4-Step Approach that is missing in diets books, plans, and programs.
  • To teach you how to go about organizing your head, heart, and hectic life.
  • To teach you how to MOTIVATE yourself to STICK to your favorite sensible plan(s).
  • To teach you how to seamlessly and almost effortlessly integrate weight loss and maintenance into your daily life.
  • To teach you how to finally live at peace with food.
The Purpose of the Audio: The Smart Cookie Approach To Dieting:
  • To share over five hours of valuable help with Yo-Yo dieters. I created The Smart Cookie audio after I had been thin for over a decade, and I just had it reformatted for CD and downloading.
  • Fools and Nincompoops!
  • Most men unless they have been fighting fat since childhood. Sorry guys. I have never been a fat man and my work on this website, blog, and my publications is about the feelings and roles that fat women share.
  • You, if you are looking for a know-it-all, smug expert with black and white answers for your unique, shades-of-gray, fat and food issues.
  • You, if you want to delve into every nook and cranny of your life and examine every thought, feeling, and negative experience you have ever had. If you are deeper than a dinner plate, you will probably NEVER get them ALL figured out.
    • I still don’t totally understand my fascinating, evolving self, but I have found ENOUGH answers to live a happy life free of compulsive eating, free of regaining, and free of a fear of food. Instead of giving you unlicensed psychoanalysis, I can give you a bunch of solutions I have found that are helpful for most women who have a crazy relationship with food but are otherwise not certifiably insane.
  • You, if you just want hints, tips, recipes, and specific diet plans.
    • I will, however, give you links to many of my favorites on the right side of this page.
  • You, if you only want to know the answer to the Big 3 simplistic, almost useless questions:
  1. How much did you lose?
  2. How long did it take?
  3. What diet did you use?
  • You will benefit if you are ready to embark on a wonderful introspective, evolutionary adventure into yourself that will get your life goals and weight goals prioritized and organized using my sensible, 1-2-3-4-Step Approach.
  • You will benefit if you are a smart woman who now spends too much time and energy feeling rotten about your struggle with food and fat.
  • You will benefit if you are sick of trying to fit your life around your weight control plans.
  • You will benefit if you want to spend less time thinking about the size of your rear end and more time finding and fulfilling your more important life goals.
  • By being your useful, funny, cranky, compassionate, and often wise friend.
  • By teaching you to be your own best teacher.
  • By sharing what I have learned that can shorten and flatten your learning curve.
  • By providing a sympathetic, understanding, smart aleck, website, blog, and book where you can find good weight control information from me and other great sources. (See right side bar on homepage called: Judy’s Favorite Diet Websites and Blogs.)
  • If you never want more than the blog and free stuff, you are still always welcome here, but I will keep bugging you about reading Judy’s DietGlue or listening to The Smart Cookie because they contain the best help I can give you.

Altruistic Motives: First, it is my cause. I don’t like to write but I have worked my rear off (not quite) for the last few years writing, but NOT because I care if women are fat or thin. What I care about is that women don’t let fat get in the way of living to their potential and from sharing themselves with the world. Second, I hope writing and starting this little Internet business will help me live up to my own potential and my philosophy of life “To Grow As I Help Other People To Grow” and to “Live, Love, Learn, Laugh, and Leave a Legacy.”

Selfish Motive:  To make a little profit doing what my belief system says I need to do whether I get paid or not.

My 1-2-3-4-Step Approach will not only teach you my process for finally, permanently losing and maintaining, BUT you will also learn how to eat your way to a happier, more organized, productive life—at peace with food. It’s not a miracle, but a unique, logical, healthy, long-term approach for solving your weight issues AND it will even save you gobs of money.

What have you got to lose?

Judy's DietGlue


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