Blog 2 What Are the Differences Between Other Good Weight-Loss “Experts’” Approaches and My Long-Term, Effective, and Proven Hybrid Plan?

Blog Post 2

What Are the Differences Between Other Good Weight-Loss “Experts’” Approaches and My Long-Term, Effective, and Proven Hybrid Approach?

Two Somewhat Important Kinds of “Expert” Help:

Crabby Doctor

1. From “Know-It All” Doctors’

Credible, well-intentioned (often male) diet experts who may be boring and life-long thin. They have a remarkable grasp of the obvious but not the physical and emotional ability to feel our pain and frustration. They can give us nothing more than short-term easy answers to our long-term complicated problems. They tell us it is “simply a matter of eating less and exercising more.” For crying out loud—we know that!  The devil is in the crippling details that keep sabotaging your long-term success. Nevertheless, you still need to rely on their conservative, irrefutable, scientific, short-term facts.

2. From Shrinks

Credible, well-intentioned psychologists on the other end of the spectrum may think we need to search every corner of our complicated fat heads to seek out every bad experience, relationship, and guilty feeling we have ever had in order to fix our issues with food. We do need to do some digging, but we don’t have to have ALL the answers. At least in my own case, I am STILL discovering things about myself.

3. My Hybrid, 4-Step Approach

My middle-of-the-road help for you is sort of a hybrid of both of the aforementioned. We are not idiots. We know our solution is to “eat less and exercise more”, but we keep getting in our own way for reasons we haven’t figured out yet.

I want to let you know here that I don’t know all the sources of my food issues, but I sure have figured out enough about myself to:

  • Live joyfully and at peace with food
  • Keep my head, heart, and hectic life organized so I (almost) always keep food and weight in a happy perspective. I then can devote my energy to more important goals than just worrying about the size of my rear end.
  • My hybrid work deals with the WHOLE WOMAN and her complex life‑‑not just her overweight body parts. It teaches her how to prioritize and organize everything that is going on in her head, heart and hectic life so she can STICK to any sensible weight‑management plans she may choose.
  • I teach women how to use my comprehensive, effective 4-step approach to life‑management which can free any thinking woman to live a happier, more productive, less stressful, AND thinner life.
  • One objective is to help women get their priorities and life goals in order. (Most credible experts (and diet hucksters) start and end with the generic dime‑a‑dozen details‑‑diets, weight maintenance and exercise plans, hints, behavior modification exercises, and recipes.) For long‑term happiness and/or thinness, I believe the real work takes place in the head and the heart‑‑establishing order where there is now chaos.
  • Once priorities are established, I help women develop a life‑management plan in sync with life goals. In order to do this, I will take her on a guided tour, within herself, to find the answers that are best for HER. I teach the woman how to become more autonomous and assertive by peeling back some of those fat layers of self‑deception, fear, and excuses. This is a great way to become one’s own best analyst. All this inner stretching will help her shrink physically if indeed SHE decides that she must lose weight in order to reach her life goals and to live a balanced life.
  • In addition, it is still essential to help each woman learn how to intelligently select the weight ­management plan(s) which are best for HER. The big difference in my approach is that I think it is vital to select or customize a weight-management plan or plans that fit into the life‑management plan. It is a self‑fulfilling prophecy of defeat to try to make her life fit into her weight‑management plan.

Of course, I want you to read my book.  The sooner you do that, the more you will probably get out of the blog also. You can, however, follow the blog and never read Judy’s DietGlue.  Naturally, I will be using excerpts and summations from my book, because it contains everything there is to know about my 4-step approach to long-term success.

Motivation, Inspiration and Information

 In blog post 3 I will share my philosophy of life and weight control.  That sounds pretty dull, but it can help you solidify your own whole philosophy of life incorporating your own organized, less stressful, long-term weight-management plans.

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