Books - Learn How to Lose Weight and KEEP IT OFF-Forever

Judy’s Favorite Weight-Loss and Weight-Maintenance MOTIVATIONAL Books


Books I WON”T be reviewing or recommending:

With few exceptions, I am not going to review or recommend  diet books that contain  just the regular, mundane, needless info  such as: the diet du jour that is the HOOK for selling the book,  some recipes, a meal planner, and nutritional breakdowns.  The hook diet will have reshuffled the calories and good or bad nutritional content by having you count points, or carbs, or fat, or giving up minor or major food groups.  They may even fill up a few pages with run-of-the-mill exercises to flatten the belly or flatten whatever you want flattened.   These plethora of diet books usually also contain glowing recommendations by devotees who are just fresh off the diet plan devised for this book.  They will tell  you “It Works.”  That term drives me nuts.  Of course it works.  I want to tell dieters to not even talk to me until they have kept that fat off for 3 years. Eighty to 95% of them will have gained it all back–plus more.

Now there is nothing wrong with following religiously the marching orders in a book that promotes a healthy weight loss plan.  The problem is STICKING to the weight loss and then being able to transition into a long-term weight maintenance plan.  Thus, buy all the healthy diet books you want, but on this page, I will only review and recommend weight-loss MOTIVATIONAL books.


Books I WILL be reviewing and/or recommending:

Oh, I have loads of motivational books I will add here soon.  The one below is ancient but is probably the one that had the most profound effect on me.  I think it is probably the best first book for any woman to read who feels that food is controlling  her life.

Geneen Roth has dedicated her life to helping women who struggle with weight and their feelings of self-worth and control. If you click on the book image below, you can look at lots of other books she has written.  I also recommend going to her website.  She does retreats that sound wonderful.

Last Edition 1993

$10.50 paperback.  It’s so old there is no Kindle version.