Diet Plans - Learn How to Lose Weight and KEEP IT OFF-Forever

My opinion of ridiculously stupid and wonderful diet plans:

I will be writing a great deal here on what diet plans I think are wise and which are bad ideas for women who have been on diet after diet.

f you are a first time dieter with 10 pounds to lose–go ahead and be stupid.  Swallow that talk from diet plan or diet book or diet drug that say you can loose boo coup amounts of pounds in now time flat.  You probably will.  Don’t whine when you gain it right back for the plethora of reason that are the subject of some of my blog posts.  Let me just say here, that you will lose a lot of water on a very restrictive diet.  It is pretty well established by the conservative, smart nutritionists, doctors, etc. that  the human body doesn’t lose more than around 2 pounds in a week.  The rest is water.  So, when you lose you 10 pounds in 2 weeks, you will probably get back at least 6 of those pounds pretty quickly.  A stupid diet probably isn’t going to kill you, but it might be setting you up for creating a real weight problem.  More on that in future blogs.