Blog Post 1: Get weight loss motivation, tips, & info for weight watchers.

Blog Post 1: For Women Who Need More Motivation & Organization To STICK To Any Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Do You Want to Learn How to STICK to Any Healthy Weight Loss Plan?

Blog Post 1:  The Purpose and Benefits of this Blog:

8 Pictures of Judy Payne at different ages and weights

The Purpose Of This Blog

To teach yo yo dieters (those desperate souls who lose and gain and lose and gain over and over and over) how to STICK to any sensible weight loss or weight maintenance plan(s) they choose.

To share proven ways to organize your head, heart, and hectic life for PERMANENT weight maintenance AND peace with food.

To be informative, motivational, supportive, and kind of fun to hang out with.

(The first few blog posts involve you just reading, but I think it is important for you to get an overview of what you can hope to finally accomplish by hanging out with me on my blog.

As soon as you have skimmed through this post, please leave me a comment–or email me–and tell me what you think and how I might be most helpful to you.)

Who WILL Benefit From Reading  This Blog? 

  • Smart women who repeatedly fail at sticking to their weight-loss or maintenance plans because their motivation and/or organization slips away.
  • Yo-yo dieters who are ready to think and plan their way to not just permanent weight maintenance, but to a happier, healthier, more productive life.
  • Women who feel out of control of food.
  • Women who feel overwhelmed and disorganized and “too busy” to take care of themselves.

Who WILL NOT Benefit From Reading This Blog?

  • Diet rookies and naive people.
  • Anyone seeking specific diet plans or diet recipes—there are already tons of good diets and recipes available.
  • Anyone wanting silly, or unhealthy, or simplistic, or trite answers to our complex, unique issues with food.
  • Intolerant people who just don’t “get” why losing and maintaining weight is so difficult for some people.

What Are A Few Of The Benefits I Can Give You?

  • I will help you get your head, heart, and hectic life organized so you can get a grip on peace with food—permanently?
  • You will receive my 35+years of proven, documented, time-tested smart practices, unique tips, tricks that can make your journey much easier.
  • Oh, and you will learn how to feel a whole lot better about yourself.

How Is Judy Payne (Me) A Different And More Effective Diet “Expert”?

    • I Used My Weight Problem As A Catalyst To Become An Introspective and Better Person–And You Can Too!
  • I have been successful at maintaining my 100-pound weight loss for over 35 years. (do you know how rare that is?)

I Will Be Your Skinny School Teacher and Friend.Judy Payne, Skinny School Teacher

    • I am not just a teacher of theories I LIVE what I teach.
    • I believe diets are simply basic training for maintenance.
    • I have spent years helping other compulsive eaters and yoyo dieters
    • I teach “How-To-Stick-To-Any-Good-Weight Control Plan”.
    • My attitude toward fellow fat fighters is one of empathy and understanding.
    • Even more importantly, I can help you quit being prejudiced against yourself and to claim your dignity and develop the self‑esteem that are your due‑‑regardless of your size.
    • I have documented my fascinating, successful journey as I have lived it.
    • I am old, thus I have had 35 years of practice and can give you my wisdom and evidence of what has worked (and hasn’t worked) for me.
    • I am not “skinny”. I maintain between 150 and 155 lbs.
    • I don’t exercise any more than I have too.
    • I don’t weigh very often. (I will explain in another blog post.)
    • I am kind of funny.
    • I used my own unique, but logical, 4-step approach to achieve my life and weight goals.
    • I never wanted to be a speaker or a writer, but I have some important help I HAVE to share.
  • Finally, I want you to know that the reason I am writing this blog is not because I think all people should want to fit society’s rigid weight standards. I am doing it because of my desire to use my experiences and findings to help other women “get it all glued together” so they can live their lives more abundantly—and share their love and gifts with the world.

I hope I don’t sound like a know-it-all!  I don’t know it ALL, but I know a heck of a lot more than most diet “experts”.)


Judy Payne

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