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Blog Post 3

Blog Post 3

How My Weight Control Philosophy is GLUED into my Philosophy of Life 

 Guidelines (not Rules) I live by: 

  • I will only eat and exercise as sensibly as I must in order to be healthy and feel good. The rest of my energy is going into more important life goals.

  • I will NOT lose weight  for anyone but me.

  • I will eat whatever I want, whenever I want.

  • I will watch portion control

  • I will keep track everything I put in my mouth—even if I slip and eat a gallon of chocolate ice cream covered with a can of cashews. (I know you may think keeping track sounds time consuming, but I will show you how it becomes very fast and easy–and is a great exercise in personal integrity.)

  • I believe no one or nothing can make me unhappy about my weight unless I choose to let them make me unhappy. I have the power to do that‑‑and so does every other woman if she will simply claim her own dignity and exercise her power. (I am not fat or thin. I am a 150-155-pound life‑loving lady—so there!)

  • I believe that what I learned about myself in order to lose 100 lbs. lbs. and keep it off for over 35 years is far more important to me than the actual loss of poundage. In other words—fat has forced me to grow.

  • I believe it is easier to lose and maintain weight if we focus on becoming a better person—not just a skinnier person. Retrospectively I can see how important it was that I used working on my crazy food issues as a catalyst to working on my whole self.

Consequently because of this self-improvement process, it became a major life goal for me to help other yo-yo dieters….


  • I believe most habitual dieter have complex problems, but they keep looking for simple answers. There are no simple answers for many of us—but there are easier ways to solve our complex issues—and I can help.
  • I believe that for many women, weight control is the hardest thing they will ever have to do; but if they focus more of their energy on goals larger than their thighs, their thighs will become less important than their larger goals. Consequently, their weight control becomes secondary and an easier problem to control because they are in pursuit of more meaningful accomplishments.
  • I believe that we all have gifts to give, but many women are crippled or imprisoned by:
    • insecurity,
    • low self‑esteem,
    • unidentified anger,
    • fear of failure
    • fear of success,
    • fear of risk
    • fear of exposing too much of themselves,
    • an inability to communicate effectively
    • negativism,
    • Not organizing their lives in accordance with their core values and their priorities. They use their fatness as an excuse for not getting on with their lives. I can help them take a look within themselves and get acquainted—and organized. (Haven’t you ever noticed that when you get to know someone well, you don’t have to love everything about them, but you love that person simply because you trust, respect, and understand them.)
  • I don’t care if people are overweight; I care if they are unhappy. And I care if they are unhappy not only on an individual level but also because of the staggering loss of human potential that could be used to improve our world.
  • I believe we were put on Earth to help each other become the best people we can be. I have chosen to zero in on helping the weight plagued because that is where I believe I can do the most good.
  • I believe you don’t have to know everything about your fascinating self to be successful, but examining some aspects of your past diet failures will help lead you to success.  In blog post 4 we will begin a retrospective journey to discover where you have screwed up in the past—and how to avoid regaining ever, ever, ever again!

Below is an animation of my 4-step approach that will teach how to STICK to your weight loss and/or weight maintenance plans . (It took hours for me to learn to how to animate that and I got my son, Jon, to compose the musical ditty in it.)

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